The Most Reliable Business Phone Service in Texas.

Affordable VoIP phone systems, easy-to-use features, and crystal clear audio.

Get a copy of our “new customer special” to gain access to these major savings: (1st Month Free, Access to our Free equipment program, and 30% off training and install at your office)  

Phones that always work, anywhere.

Cut costs, starting
on day one.

Easy to use for everyone
on your team.

When your phones aren't reliable, your business suffers.

With VoIP phones from Trueway, you'll never have to worry about phone problems again.

How VoIP can transform the way you do business.

With VoIP Phone Service from Trueway, you’ll get:

✓ Phones that always work, anywhere​

Finally, phones that never stop working, even if you lose internet (ask us how!). VoIP is versatile and responsive, keeping your communication going no matter what. 

✓ A more affordable phone solution.

VoIP will save you a surprising amount of money, both immediately and into the future. No more frustrating phone companies nickel and diming you. (Compare our Enterprise VoIP Seat to any competitor and you will see the difference right away.)

✓ The best business phone features that are easy to use.

Our VoIP phones are loaded with business features like call forwarding, voicemail, answer from anywhere, and so many others. Best of all, they aren’t complicated.

Why Choose a Cloud Computing Phone Service? - Trueway

✓ Fast, easy setup by highly trained technicians.

We come to you and set everything up, even training everyone on your team how to use their new phones. You’ll be confident and ready to go on day one. 

✓ Answer calls away from your office, plus fax and more from anywhere - all built in.

VoIP covers all your communication needs, allowing you to easily communicate with anyone, anywhere, even when you’re away from the office.

✓ No hardware cluttering up your space.

Our phones require almost no hardware, while providing a better experience. All you need is an internet connection and we’ll take care of the rest. 

✓ Easy to scale up or down to fit your business needs.

Want to add another phone? Need to downsize? With VoIP from Trueway, scaling your business phones is a breeze and can be done fast.

✓ Fast, local customer service.

Unlike most VoIP providers, we never outsource customer service. When you call, we answer, and our team is always ready to help in-person. 

✓ Ask about our FREE equipment program.

No need to drop several thousands of dollars on new phones. You could get your phones for free with our service. Just ask us how. (No, this is not a gimmick!)

Why Use an IT Help Desk Expert - Trueway

Ready to get stress-free phones that always work?

Getting your new VoIP phones is easy:

Here’s all you have to do:

1. Schedule a Call

We’ll do a free audit to evaluate your current phone system to see what’s working and what’s not, and determine if you’re overpaying.

2. We’ll design and Install your new phone system.

We’ll create a plan to fit your unique needs, install your new phone system, and train everyone.

3. Enjoy stress-free communication.

Relax and watch your business run smoothly with phones that always work, anywhere. Plus, you'll save time and cut costs everyday.

We've installed over 2,000 phones locally in the last 3 years alone.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

You can't go wrong with Trueway! I have been an extremely satisfied customer and have grown my service lines across multiple locations with speed and ease. They are always there when needed.
- Aaron M.
I have been very satisfied with the attentive and personalized service we receive from Trueway. Shaun and Justin have always done a great job taking care of our needs. Much more responsive and agile than the big-name companies. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of VOIP services.
- Gary L.
Shaun and his crew are totally phenomenal! We've had the same phones and service plan for over a decade and were needing an upgrade so we could get things like custom on-hold messages... Trueway held our hand from start to finish - a thorough proposal and all my questions answered and handled all the transferring of our numbers and how we wanted the phones to ring. They even set up all our speed dials for us. Trueway came to my office and trained all my staff! AMAZING. Oh, and they're saving us a ton of money. Business owners, you need Trueway in your life!!
- Courtney M.

You deserve phones that are easy to use and always work.

Most phone systems are unreliable, complicated, and cost too much money. With a VoIP phone system from Trueway, you’ll get phones that are easy to use, always work, and save you money starting on day one. 

At Trueway, we know that you want to be reliable, to both your customers and your employees. In order to do that, you need an easy way to communicate that always works. The problem is that most phone systems are not dependable, much less easy to use, which makes you feel frustrated, stuck, and worried you’ll fall behind or miss out on what’s important. 

We believe you should be able to communicate easily, anytime. 

We understand how you feel. We rely on phone systems to keep our business going everyday, too. That’s why we have installed over 2,000 VoIP phone systems for local businesses in the past three years alone. 

Here’s how we help businesses like yours:

    1. Schedule a Call Now.
    2. We design and Install your new VoIP phone systems.
    3. Enjoy stress-free communication.

So, schedule your free audit now. And in the meantime, get our free guide, 3 Steps to Having Crystal Clear Audio on Your Existing VoIP Phone. So you can stop struggling to communicate with old, unreliable phones and instead get phones that are easy to use and always work.


Tired of dropped calls, spotty audio, and annoying voice delays? Get our free guide!

One of the most common complaints with VoIP phones is that they can suffer from poor audio quality. This includes voice delays, static, and bad connections. If you want to have crystal clear calls every time, here’s what to do.

Download our free guide:

3 Steps to Crystal Clear Phone Calls. 

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 steps you need to take to eliminate voice delays and increase call clarity fast.
  • The most common mistake people make when setting up VoIP phones that leads to poor audio quality.
  • How one simple piece of equipment could solve most of your audio problems.


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