Late Fees and Disconnects

Late Fees
Late fees are charged after 30 days of non payment. Late fees are 1.5% of any non-paid balance with a $35 minimum.

You can pay online by clicking on the “Pay Online” button at any time at the top of the online invoice. Please contact us if you do not see this button, it may not be available for larger invoices.

Disconnected Service
Service can be disconnected if you do not pay your bill. If this occurs, a reminder notification will be sent, and service will be disconnected if payment is not received within. Required payment following disconnection will include all late charges and reconnection charges.

Other reasons telephone service could be disconnected include:
Failure to comply with the terms of a deferred payment agreement.
Failure to comply with deposit or credit arrangements.
Failure to comply from any receiving notices.

Failure to stop abuse or misuse of telephone service, such as calls made in profane, obscene, or frightening manner, after receiving notice.

Abandonment of telephone service without notice.

Tampering with or bypassing equipment.

Note If service is disconnected for non-payment, service is restored once full payment, including any delinquent or late charges, as well as, reconnect fees have been received and verified.