5 Reasons Why Businesses Choose VoIP Phones with WiFi

As technology continues to advance and change, customers are becoming more and more demanding on what they expect from businesses. 

Whether you are just considering a VoIP office system or switching from a current system, read why many businesses are switching to VoIP phones with WiFi:

Stay Connected

Make and receive phone calls from anywhere in the world on Voip Phones with WiFi, by simply connecting to a WiFi network for internet access. Set your employees free from their desks and never worry about missing an office call. Meet with clients and employees anywhere with ease and erase the necessity of in-person office meetings.

Simple to Use

Wifi phones are easy to use and work similarly to a cell phone. The phone scans for wireless networks and connects to the strongest signal that does not require web authentication. This all happens quickly and easily, keeping you in touch with the office at all times. 

Cost Efficient

Is your job on the go? Wifi phones offer mobile use without the high prices of a cell phone bill. VoIP services are a flat, low fee and uses existing internet connection to keep usage as cost friendly as possible. 


Most VoIP Phones with WiFi offer the same features as a desktop office phone, such as call forwarding, speed dialing, conference calling, call waiting, and many more. Enjoy the flexibility to roam out of the office without sacrificing the benefits of a quality analog phone system.  


Lastly, Wifi phones offer a higher level of security than calls made on personal cell phones. Cell phones are easily hacked, security measures bypassed and company information leaked. WiFi phones give you control over how your employees are communicating.

Truway offers many different options of VoIP phone systems catered to the needs of your company, as well as exceptional customer service. For more information, browse our products or give us a call today.

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