5 Ways Phone Extensions Can Streamline Your Business

If you already have integrated VoIP phone systems into your business, you understand the benefits that they have provided, including cost savings, easy set-up, scalability, and various available features. Here are a few ways implementing the phone extension feature on these communication systems can help streamline your business:

Easy Reference

If you have trouble remembering your employees’ or coworkers’ phone numbers, chances are your customers will, too. With phone extensions, there is no longer a need to memorize several different phone numbers for workers or departments – just reference the one-to-three digit extension.

5 Ways Phone Extensions Can Streamline Your Business - Trueway VoIPMore Efficient

Phone extensions offer customers options as to which department or employee they may want to reach. This allows clients and partners to keep in touch without placing multiple calls or being put on hold. In addition, phone extensions will give clients the impression that your business is bigger, helping maintain a professional image.

Secure Communications

If you discuss sensitive data over the phone regularly, ensuring that information is kept safe is important for maintaining business credibility. Extension to extension calls offer more security than standard calls, because they are made and kept within the company – keeping conversations safe from the outside.

Call Monitoring

Phone extensions allow call traffic and data to be tracked and monitored. This allows businesses to analyze who and is calling who, and when. It is a great way to take control of your business phone communications and keep calling costs in-check.

Connect Employees

If your employees are constantly on-the-go or sometimes work remotely, phone extensions are a great solution for keeping the team’s communications in sync. VoIP phone systems allow extensions to be connected to any phone, allowing workers to be reached by clients or other employees no matter their location.

For more information on how VoIP phone systems and the features they offer can help streamline your business, contact the experts at Trueway today.

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