Network Installation for Remote Work in Montgomery and Walker County

Many companies are still working remotely in an effort to keep their employees safe and healthy during this pandemic. Remote work has been a huge adjustment for those affected, as they may not have access to the resources necessary in order to get the job done. Installing a remote network for employees to use while away from the office would be ideal in this scenario. Trueway has got you covered, as we specialize in network installation for remote work.

If you live in Montgomery or Walker County, Texas, and you’re working remotely, allow Trueway to set you up with the technology you need. We will:

Perform a free IT audit

During the complementary audit, our professionals will assess your current technology situation and identify what is/isn’t working for you. What are you using? What do you need? What technology will make your job easier and increase productivity? Upon completion of the audit, our professionals can offer technology solutions and recommendations.

Identify technology solutions tailored to your specific needs

When offering technology recommendations, our professionals consider a number of things: what your position requires, usage and frequency, company size, etc. If your position requires you to make lots of phone calls or hold client-facing meetings, our professionals would recommend a cloud-based VoIP phone system that offers superior call quality and video conferencing capabilities. If your position requires file sharing among employees, our professionals would recommend a cloud server through which your entire network can access, share, and store important data. 

Install your network and devices

Our job doesn’t stop there! Once we have identified technology solutions that suit your needs, our trained technicians can install your network and devices. Whether it be a VoIP system and/or cloud servers and VPNs, your new network will allow you to perform your job just as easily as you could in office — same access and resources, new location.

Allow Trueway to ease some of the stress and burdens of working remotely. If you think you may require network installation for remote work in Montgomery and Walker County, schedule a call to discuss your options today!

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