3 Reasons You Should Consider VoIP for Your Business

VoIP is a technology problem-solver. It allows a company to make phone calls, conduct virtual meetings, and answer emails without costly bills. Read below to see why VoIP could be the best decision for your business. 


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) replaces traditional landline connections. Without having to pay costly long distance and international fees, a business can allocate previous funds to more important parts of the business. With VoIP, there are no additional costs for hardware, minimal calling costs and free upgrades.


Relocation and remote work is easy for businesses who use VoIP. Since phone numbers are based on internet connection instead of geographical location, VoIP allows for better communication among employees. For businesses who rely on travel or remote work, VoIP can encourage rapid growth. 

Employee using VoIP phone for businessBackup

Landlines often experience outages. In some situations, outages can last for at least eight hours. VoIP lets a company redirect calls to another location, reducing the impact of the outage. For additional protection, your business can pre-arrange routing plans. In the case of a phone outage, VoIP reroutes all phone traffic immediately. 

If your company has not considered VoIP, now is the time. Today, less people are using traditional methods of communication. To remain competitive, install VoIP for flexibility, growth and financial savings. Join the 204.8 billion individuals expected to use VoIP services in 2020. Contact the experts at Trueway to get started.

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