Benefits of On-Hold Messaging for Business Phone Systems

Given the hectic activity of today’s business operations, customers are being held for longer durations, causing frustration and potentially costing you a sale. Implementing on-hold messaging, such as pre-recorded messages or music, into your business phone systems, can benefit your business. 

Increase / Improve Wait Time

Callers hang up for two reasons: they are feeling ignored and forgotten, or they believe they were disconnected. Adding on-hold messaging allows your callers to know they’re still connected, convincing them to stay on-hold.

When callers are on-hold, they are a captive audience. Although providing messaging when on-hold helps occupy and entertain the caller, you’re given an opportunity to promote specific services, products ,and events–potentially creating new sales or service opportunities.

Benefits of On-Hold Messaging for Business Phone Systems - Trueway VoIP

Process Calls Faster

If you add preparatory information to your on-hold messages, you can improve the speed at which calls are processed. A simple message reminding customers of the information they will need to have during the call reduces the time you spend waiting for the customer to dig up this information. 

Set Your Business’s Tone

Professional recordings, along with appropriate music, establish a tone for your business before the caller connects with an employee. Creating a tone and voice for your on-hold messaging feature that’s consistent with your company and its values can improve the caller’s overall experience. 

Sound Up-to-Date

Adding seasonal music or other temporary messages, such as facility closures, to your on-hold messaging feature helps make your business communicative and personable. It will also allow your business to be seen as up-to-date, reinforcing the caller’s perception of your business’s professionalism, credibility, and awareness. 

Trueway VoIP provides an array of products to meet both your personal and business needs, integrating advanced communication features like on-hold messaging. Our services include installation and maintenance, exceptional customer service, training and aftercare, as well as unbeatable product warranty.

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