Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Office

The right phone system in your office can make all the difference for your business. Here are three questions to ask yourself that will help you narrow down the phone system that is best for your small or medium sized business.

Virtual System or Traditional Landline?

When you think of an office phone system, you probably picture a landline sitting on everyone’s desk in their cubicles with a blinking red light when a call is waiting for their attention. While traditional landlines are reliable and many businesses are comfortable using them, virtual phone system providers allow employees remote access to a variety of features. If your company is spread out and your staff often works remotely, consider looking into a virtual phone system.


Cloud-Based or On-Premises System?

On-premises systems have survived for a long time in the corporate world. Even though they can support a multi-locational organization, a cloud-hosted system could really simplify matters. You will not have to install PBX equipment at every location. This is not only easier but will save you both time and money. Perhaps the most beneficial feature is that hosted systems can be managed from a single, online platform.


Is a VoIP Phone System Beneficial?

VoIP phone systems bring small and medium businesses the advantages that feature-rich phone systems used to only provide to large corporations. If your company is looking to upgrade their current system, here are some benefits VoIP can give you: voicemail to email or text, call forwarding, recording, interactive voice response, conference calls, video conferencing, and integration with programs like Microsoft Outlook or Google’s services.


At Trueway VoIP, our expert team is always ready and willing to answer your questions. In fact, we are one of the fastest-growing phone systems across Montgomery County. Contact us today so our skilled representatives can help your business get the perfect phone system to keep your company running at maximum speed.

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