Phone Systems: Corded vs. Cordless Equipment

There are a lot of options to consider when choosing the right phone system for your business, including the option of having a corded or a cordless phone. This decision might not be as obvious as it seems, though.

Advantages of a Corded Phone System

Corded phones offer a steady reliability. Dropped calls can be a big problem when you’re doing business, and corded phones virtually eliminate the threat of dropped calls due to a drained battery or signal loss. Generally, landline systems are also cheaper and provide more security. Some office workers might even be more comfortable using landline systems than cordless phones. There is also a major advantage of landlines that is sometimes overlooked: they work during a power outage.

Advantages of a Cordless Phone System

While reliability certainly increases with corded phones, mobility is an advantage of having a cordless phone system. More so than just being able to move around, the cordless feature allows you to multi-task while talking on the phone by moving around the office. While landline systems might be cheaper to purchase, cordless systems often times are less expensive to install. Cordless phones are often considered the more technologically advanced choice, and therefore might have more options and better sound quality.

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol

Regardless of what phone system you choose, Voice on Internet Protocol can send telephone calls using internet protocol rather than traditional circuit transmissions. Because VoIP numbers operate on networks rather than relying on IP technology, voice calls can be made from a variety of devices including a traditional desk phone or landline, but also via apps on smartphones and tablets. VoIP is easy to install and supports a wide range of call features.


If you have questions about which system would best suit your business practices or would like to learn more about VoIP, contact the experts at Trueway.

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